Thursday, March 20, 2008

Messy Face

Brad ate some chili cheese dip for lunch today. In case you can't tell by the picture, this is one of his favorite things to eat. Too bad it makes such a mess!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scrapbook Page

Well here ya go. Amy wanted to see some of my scrapbooking work. This isn't the best page, so maybe I will post another when I get more done.

Cars or Trucks

Brad's new favorite thing to do is play with cars/trucks. It doesn't matter which it is, but he does love the hot wheels.

What a Stud!!

Now that I have finally figured out how to post stuff here you are going to get a lot today.

We bought Brad this suit for Heather's wedding, and I just thought this picture was to cute not to share.

Walking in Daddy's shoes

Brad loves shoes. He always wants "shoes on". If anybody has their shoes off he will bring them to you and say "shoes on". He especially loves trying to walk in Daddy's shoes.


Brad was playing with his hot wheels when he trippd and fell. One of his cars must have hit the corner of his eye. Yesterday it was very red and swollen. Today it is starting to bruise. He may end up with a pretty good shiner. I think he must have been trying t compete with Zac. I think Zac won though.

Don't mind the hair, he had just woke up from his nap.